• Cardiometabolic Management

    Endocrine Consultants also has over 40 years treating pituitary and gestational diabetes!

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  • Endocrine

    Experienced professionals treating difficult Endocrine and Thyroid disorders.

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  • Retinopathy Diabetes

    Experienced Pre-Diabetic care and comprehensive analysis

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  • Pediatric Endocrinology

    Experienced Pediatric Endocrinology with Obesity/Nutrition.

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  • Insulin Resistance and Clinical Trials

    Experienced research team working challenging insulin cases.

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  • Heart Center:
    We now offer a cardiometabolic program which allows us to identify and treat metabolic abnormalities, as cholesterol problems. A variety of metabolic issues have been identified that are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).
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  • Diabetes:
    This site is the diabetes portal for the Center of Diabetes and Metabalism| Endocrine Consultants, PC!.Everyone may send general questions about diabetes. We are only allowed to provide feedback about specific clinical cases for our own patients.
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  • Diabetic Retinopathy
    Retinopathy and Neuropathy Management and other pre-diabetic concerns is our specialty! . Diabetic neuropathy affects a large portion of diabetic patients to some degree over the course of a life with the disease, and the resulting complications can be implicated in many of the diabetes-related amputations suffered by those with diabetes. About half of diabetes patients will suffer some form of nerve damage, though this damage usually occurs ten to twenty years after a diagnosis of diabetes.
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  • Pediatric Endocronology:
    Experienced with variations of physical growth/obesity and sexual development , caring for patients from infancy to late adolescence and young adulthood.. By disease, the most common disease of the specialty is type 1 diabetes, which usually accounts for at least 50% of a typical clinical practice. The next most common problem is growth disorders.
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  • Insulin Resistance:
    Insulin resistance is the leading cause of heart attack in the United States. Fundemental diagnostic is very important!.Insulin resistance is a condition that is getting more and more recognition as an important cause of many other diseases. These include diabetes, many cases of hypertension, atherosclerotic heart disease and polycystic ovary syndrome
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